• mehr Watershed goin on tour in Europe! (24 Mar 2010)

    Watershed are going to play 11 gigs in Germany an the Switzerland, starting on 14 Apr 2010!

  • mehr new Album! (24 Mar 2010)

    'Best of' album "A Million Faces" going to be released on 16 Apr 2010!




This website is dedicated to the South African band Watershed that has become famous with their song "Indigo Girl". Their fan base is growing since the release of their previous albums "In The Meantime", "Wrapped In Stone", "Mosaic" and "Staring At The Ceiling".
Watch out for their 'best of' album "A Million Faces" which will be released soon!

Here you can inform yourself about Watershed and get in contact with other fans in the forum!
Have fun reading!


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